Month: June 2019

Borrow money for car repair

Well, there you are on the side of the road. Or, if you’re lucky at home, but anyway, your car has spontaneously decided to give it up. As it appears, the repair will cost a fair amount. As always, a financial setback is inconvenient. Certainly when you have little or no savings. You have just Read More

Bank overdraft card – what is it? Conditions of receipt

Sometimes there are unpleasant situations when, when making a payment, it suddenly turns out that there are not enough funds in the account. Bank’s overdraft card will relieve its holders of problems by providing the remaining amount without any delays and design requirements. By granting extended powers to payers, the overdraft is subject to special Read More

Bitcoin mining: how to finance its equipment?

We hear about it every day in the media, and we almost all know someone who has already embarked on the adventure. Indeed, Bitcoin is the trendiest cryptocurrency and is growing in popularity. On the other hand, there are different ways to generate Bitcoins (BTC). Buying and reselling is an option. But for those who Read More