Monthly Archives: November 2019

Saskatoon city councilors vote 6-5 to reduce loan amount for new library to $ 67.5 million

Saskatoon city councilors voted to reduce the loan amount for a new downtown library to $ 67.5 million, a reduction of $ 20 million from what the Saskatoon Public Library was asking for . The Saskatoon Public Library (SPL) had requested $ 152.9 million in capital funding to build a new library branch downtown. Part […]

Americans lose business by not researching auto loan terms

An online loan website published the results of a Harris Poll showing how Americans are approaching getting a car loan. A third of those surveyed did not know what their loan APR was, LendingClub reported. According to the survey, only 59% of recent buyers have researched auto loan options. Americans are paying more than ever […]