FileInvite and AACFB Offer Member Affinity Program to Streamline Loan Application Process

File Invite, a document and data collection platform provider, partners with the American Association of Commercial Financial Brokers (AACFB) to provide its members a FileInvite package to streamline the document-intensive process of loan applications and documentation.

FileInvite offers an innovative way to improve document workflow, through automation and an intuitive process. AACFB members can Learn more here. Fileinvite will present a workshop on Workflow and Content Automation on September 8, 2021, at AACFB Annual Congress 2021.

“We want to provide our AACFB members with business tools and resources to help them be successful in their business fundraising activities,” said Kalah Sprabeary, president of HUB Funding Solutions and CEO of AACFB and member of the board of directors. “If we can make it easier for our members to manage the tedious loan document process, as with FileInvite solutions, their productivity and business processes will improve, fueling success. “

“Especially in financial services where paperwork and security go hand in hand, managing a multitude of documents manually can be tedious and time consuming. FileInvite addresses this problem by providing secure, compliant and efficient document and data collection, ”said James Sampson, CEO of FileInvite. “We are thrilled to be working closely with AACFB to present our members with an innovative way to better manage client loan documents.

AACFB members can contact Jeff Handley, Director of Strategic Partnerships at FileInvite, at [email protected], to receive more information about Fileinvite and the discount package.

The 2021 AACFB Annual Conference will be held September 8-10, 2021 in Nashville, TN. FileInvite Senior Solutions Consultant Gerald Leveritt will teach attendees how to make businesses more efficient by improving document management, including streamlining the process of collecting digital signatures from multiple parties and monitoring where a document is being processed. revision. To register for the conference here and consult the agenda here.

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