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Whether you’re thinking of becoming a new parent through surrogacy or becoming a surrogate yourself, it’s vital to be educated about the best surrogate agencies out there.

Surrogacy is a monumental journey for everyone involved and requires all parties to be properly informed about what it really entails.

Therefore, today, we are going to discuss some of the most trustworthy surrogate agencies around, go over some essential things to note about surrogacy in general, and how to get started.

Best Surrogate Agencies—First Look

  1. Best surrogate agency – World Center of Baby
  2. Best full-service surrogacy agency – Worldwide Surrogacy
  3. Top surrogate screening process – Circle Surrogacy
  4. Best agency for surrogacy – GrowingGenerations
  5. The best matching process – ConceiveAbilities

1. World Center of Baby – Best Surrogate Agency

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  • Installment payment options available
  • Includes legal support
  • Individual support for everyone
  • 100% exit success


  • Legal process can be overwhelming

The World Center of Baby is a full-service Ukrainian surrogate agency. It helps to match potential surrogate mothers with intended parents safely and even takes care of all the legal paperwork along the way.

After your free consultation where you and an agent discuss the programs available, the agency will help to get you matched with the best surrogate possible.

What’s also great about this agency is that it offers an unlimited number of IVF attempts with donor eggs and guaranteed packages to ensure the surrogate achieves a healthy and successful birth of your child.

Since it’s based in Ukraine, some parents might find the legal process a little overwhelming. However, rest assured that the surrogate agency will take care of all the paperwork based on its 100% exit success rate.

2. Worldwide Surrogacy – Best For a Full-Service Gestational Surrogacy

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Founded by a leading reproductive lawyer, Worldwide surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency that helps intending parents achieve their dream of having a child.

For over 25 years, Worldwide Surrogacy has offered a highly rigorous screening process for all its surrogates to ensure a positive match. Plus, you’ll also have access to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) options, as well as the main egg donor agencies across the U.S.

The rates for intended parents are a little high since the cost includes IVF treatments, plus, associated medication, and other medical procedures. However, the agency includes an escrow management team that will help you plan and manage everything.

3. Circle Surrogacy – Top Surrogate Mother Screening Process

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  • 99.3% success rate
  • Legal and accounting support
  • Includes an “Egg Donation Only” program.
  • Helps intended parents globally


Circle Surrogacy agency boasts an impressive 99.3% success rate for helping happy couples bring home a baby. The agency supports a diverse community of parents and has been helping LGBTQ families for over 25 years to have a child.

Additionally, the surrogate agency also works with international parents from over 70 countries to make their dream of having a child too, and even help with the legal paperwork process.

Depending on how you want to start your new family, Circle Surrogacy offers various methods to make the surrogacy process easier. Some of these include egg donation only, using your own surrogate, or a sibling journey.

While the fees are pretty high—up to $137,250 for surrogacy only, Circle Surrogacy’s 99.3% success rate makes it an excellent agency to consider.

4. GrowingGenerations – Best Agency for Surrogate Mothers

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  • Free consultation
  • 1,900 babies in 2020
  • Supports HIV+ parents
  • Customized surrogate search


  • Unlimited embryo transfers on the VIP plan

GrowingGenerations surrogacy agency has been around since 1996 and has helped bring 1,900 babies into the world by 2020. On top of that, the surrogate agency has so far supported up to 50 HIV+ parents to become biological fathers through IVF.

GrowingGenerations also has an effective matching system, helping new surrogate mothers find the right intended parents. Gestational surrogate mothers are well compensated and taken care of throughout the entire process.

Since the GrowingGenerations offers various plans for new parents to choose from, their price ranges vary. For example, on the most basic plan, “Concierge” (amounting to $123k), intended parents won’t have access to unlimited embryo transfers, as that’s only available on the “VIP” plan (up to 250k).

5. ConceiveAbilities – Best Egg Donor and Surrogate Matching Process

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  • $44k base surrogacy pay
  • 97% match success rate
  • International surrogacy program
  • $8,000 base egg donor compensation


  • Long qualification process for surrogates

The ConceiveAbilities surrogate agency is designed to guide intending parents through all the steps that come with matching up with the right surrogate. The all-service agency will take care of the whole process, including the legal stuff, and offer you the security you need.

Not only does the agency match you with surrogate mothers, but ConceiveAbilities also offer egg donor support.

Overall, ConceiveAbilities has a stellar reputation in the gestational surrogacy field and has connected plenty of parents with a surrogate.

On the slight downside, the qualification process for potential surrogates and egg donors is a little long. But that’s because the agency wants to thoroughly vet its candidates and ensure they are the right match.

Best Surrogate Agencies: FAQ

How Does Surrogacy Work?

Surrogacy is a way an individual can have a child by having a surrogate mother carry the baby full-term.

During this process, the surrogate mother is either artificially inseminated or has an embryo transferred in her womb in order to get pregnant successfully. After which, the surrogate will carry the child and give the intended parents full custody of the baby once born.

Is Surrogacy Legal?

It varies from country to country. For example, in France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Germany, India, Russia, and Ukraine—surrogacy is legal in all cases.

Whereas Belgium, UK, Denmark only allow it if the mother isn’t paid apart from the obvious medical expenses, meaning that commercial surrogacy is illegal in these specific countries.

On top of that, not all countries permit commercial surrogacy, even if the intending families go abroad. Therefore, it’s vital to read up and be aware of any surrogacy laws in your country or state.

Which Country is Best for Surrogacy?

Most experts say that the most popular countries for surrogacy are Ukraine, U.S., Thailand, Russia, and India. However, costs significantly vary from country to country and the legal process involved in getting the baby home.

The amount of legal work required also depends on the country. Therefore, if you’re looking for surrogacy agencies located abroad, such as Ukraine, the World Center of Baby agency has a 100% success exit rate—which is very important.

Which Country is Cheapest for Surrogacy?

Many couples begin their surrogacy journey in countries like Asia since the prices are considerably lower there.

Additionally, countries like Ukraine, Russia, and India also have lower rates than, let’s say, the U.S, where the costs can go as high as 250k. In contrast, in Ukraine, you can find a good surrogacy agency with unlimited IVF rounds for up to 100k, if not less.

How Do I Choose a Surrogate Agency?

Whether you’re an intended parent, an egg donor, or looking to become a surrogate, the agency you choose is a huge factor, and there are plenty of things you should look out for, such as:

  • Communication—Surrogates and intended parents require full-time care during their surrogacy journey. Therefore, it’s vital to choose an agency with a great and responsive team that will be with you every step of the way and always present to answer any questions or worries you may have while continuously updating you.
  • Relationship—Surrogacy agencies that emphasize cultivating a connection between the surrogate/egg donor and intending families are definitely one to look for. It will make the surrogacy journey much easier, and there have been cases of those relationships lasting for years after.
  • Experience—A surrogacy agencies’ reputation and years of experience is also essential to look at. Before choosing which company to go for, it’s important to look at the agencies’ success rate, years of operation, and other worker or family reviews.
  • Legal team—If you’re looking for a gestational carrier, you’ll need to have legal representation during the whole process—the same as someone looking to become a surrogate or an egg donor. Laws vary by country and state, and an agency with a knowledgeable legal team will help you through all the complicated documentation.
  • Inclusivity—Before picking an agency, ensure that it addresses your individual needs whether you’re an egg donor, surrogate, or an intending parent, as well if you live abroad, are gay, or heterosexual.

Is Surrogacy Cheaper than IVF?

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While IVF can undoubtedly be a step in the surrogacy process, couples can undergo this procedure without a surrogate.

In IVF, the mothers’ eggs and fathers’ sperm are harvested, combined, and fertilized in the lab, and inserted back in the mother’s or surrogate’s womb—this is known as gestational surrogacy.

Generally speaking, an IVF treatment done on its own is much cheaper than looking for a surrogate. For example, a single round of IVF can cost up to $10k, whereas a full-term surrogacy journey can end up costing up from $70k to 250k.

Can Anyone Become a Surrogate Mother?

Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful way of giving the gift of a child to a family or parent who isn’t able to have one of their own.

However, the process of becoming a surrogate can be arduous since there are many things to consider before becoming matched with a family.

Here are a few things a potential surrogate might have to go through:

  • Age—The optimal reproductive age for a woman is between 21-45, though some agencies may differ on this.
  • Weight—All surrogates must have a healthy BMI depending on their age.
  • Previously successful pregnancy—Most agencies require a woman to have had at least one successful pregnancy or even multiple pregnancies before becoming a surrogate.
  • Fertility test—A surrogate will need to take a fertility test to ensure she will be able to effectively carry the child, especially during traditional surrogacy.
  • Health—Surrogates aren’t allowed to have a history of drug use or currently partake in smoking or drinking.

Plus, many other criteria are considered, such as any sort of STDs, felony convictions, history of postpartum depression, and so on.

During the application process, a potential surrogate will also have to go through a physical and psychological evaluation, medical background check, and legal work.

Is it Expensive to Have a Surrogate Mother?

Choosing to have a surrogate mother is definitely not cheap. However, the high price includes medical and legal fees and any exit documentation if the surrogacy is done abroad.

Additionally, the surrogate mother may need to go through multiple IVF rounds if you decide to choose gestational surrogacy—which may end up costing more unless the agency fee includes multiple rounds of IVF.

What Questions do Surrogate Agencies Ask?

Surrogate agencies might ask the intended parent questions that primarily concern the legal side of matters. For example, these might deal with your existing insurance plan and when you wish to start with the surrogacy process.

Additionally, some agencies might ask how involved you wish to be with the surrogate mother and how many embryo transfers you will attempt in order to achieve a successful pregnancy.

How Much Do Surrogates Make?

Since every surrogacy is unique in its own way, it’s challenging to determine precisely how much a surrogate will be paid. However, generally, a surrogate can expect to earn anywhere between $50 to 80k per pregnancy, which may even include additional payments such as travel and medical fees.

Can You Choose Your Own Surrogate?

Yes, you can definitely choose your own surrogate!

If it’s done through a surrogate agency, you can request a meeting with the potential surrogate mother to see if it’s truly a match.

Another option is to choose someone you know, like a friend or a family member. However, the legal process will be different than if you decide to go through the agency.

Will the Baby Look Like the Surrogate Mother?

If the baby was born using the surrogate’s egg, then yes, there is a chance that the baby will look like the surrogate since they will share the same DNA.

However, suppose the surrogate carries the child using a different woman’s egg. In that case, the baby won’t share any DNA with the surrogate mother and might have egg or sperm donor characteristics.

Will a Donor Egg Have My DNA?

The short answer is no. However, while most of the child’s physical features will come from the donated egg, studies have shown that the prenatal uterine environment plays a massive role in the baby’s brain development, metabolism, and much more.

Will my Insurance Cover Surrogacy?

In most cases, health insurance policies will explicitly state that they do not cover any surrogacy arrangements. However, it’s possible to shop around for different health care plans that cover surrogacy or even opt for surrogacy coverage for both the surrogate and intended parents.

During your consultation with a potential surrogacy agency, its legal team will go over your existing plan to let you know if it will be covered or recommend a different plan for you.

What is the Best Surrogacy Agency? The Takeaway

Using a surrogate in order to achieve your dreams of parenthood is a wonderful process to go through. However, before jumping into something like this, it’s important to research various agencies to see what they cover and their success rate when helping new families have their children.

World Center of Baby is our top option mainly due to its full legal support and 100% exit success rate if you’re coming from abroad.

World Center of Baby is also a great agency to consider for potential surrogates as well as egg donors due to their trustworthy reputation.

All of the agencies covered in our piece have helped 100’s families have a baby successfully and offer flexibility to all types of parents, surrogates, and egg donors.