HELB opens loan application for KCSE students 2021; How to register

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has called on KCSE 2021 candidates to apply for the first loans 2022-2023.

In a notice published on Wednesday July 27, HELB, said it was targeting students who are expected to join universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the coming weeks.

In addition, HELB announced that it has opened the portal on its website for students to apply.

Create an account on the HELB portal


How to register

Interested applicants should visit www(dot)helb(dot)co(dot)ke and create an account under the student portal using their mobile number and ID number.

Once logged in, applicants must select the loan request option.

Undergraduate applicants should select the 2022-2023 First Undergraduate Loan (LAF) Application Form, while their TVET counterparts should select the Certificate/Diploma option to access the First Loan Application Form for TVET 2022-2023 (LAF).

“Print two copies of the completed application form. Be sure to preview the form and correct it if necessary before submitting it for printing. Have the forms filled out and signed appropriately if necessary.

“Present a copy of the completed form and all attached supporting documents at one of the Huduma Centers,” the notice reads in part.

Alternatively, applicants can submit the form to the HELB Student Service Center located in Anniversary Towers, Nairobi, Mezzanine 1. Applicants should stay with the other printed copy.

“Upon submission of the loan application, there will be progressive notifications of receipt, verification of application award and disbursements of maintenance and tuition loans, and if applicable, scholarships.

“This loan application process is free. Be vigilant to avoid being duped. Contact HELB with any questions.”

However, applicants have been advised to complete their application by the November 30 deadline.

Left to right: Kenyatta University entrance, Moi University building and University of Nairobi towers

Left to right: Kenyatta University entrance, Moi University building and University of Nairobi towers.