Loan application fraud and extortion under the guise of a savings and loan cooperative

I want to report something that I experienced recently. On August 2, 2022, I uploaded an online loan application called: Credit Loan- DANA NUMPUK. application long It was developed by KSP’s friend, Dana Sejati. After downloading the application, we are asked to fill in the data.

When the filling of the data is completed, our data is suddenly transferred to an illegal online lending platform that works with them. I didn’t click apply for a loan, I suddenly got two loansaccording And without knowing how much the total loan is and what is the repayment period.

When I checked, it turned out that I had already applied for 2 loans online at once, with a repayment period of 7 days. There, I felt trapped and cheated, as I had just entered the data, suddenly I was allowed to borrow immediately. I just finished filling in the data, I want to know the limit, but it’s already a borrower:

  • The first loan is called UANG KINI with a repayment period of IDR 1,800,000, 7 days and the money received is IDR 1,116,000.
  • The second loan is called cash loan in which Rs 1,600,000 is repaid for a period of 7 days and the cash received is Rp 1,008,000.

It only took less than 5 minutes for the money to arrive in my account. I want to cancel the loan, but I can’t because the money has been received. I am looking for a contact Customer service, There are none, only e-mails in the form of complaints about problems.

On August 7, 2022, I gave Loan Credit Dana NUMPUK app a 1 star rating. Shortly after giving the rating, I received two confirmation messages on my Instagram account. When I opened it, I learned that it was the CS Admin side. He asked about my assessment in his app and asked about timing.

Here I give a note of 1, because before maturity J-3 I was threatened by collection agent Repay my loan immediately. If you do not pay, my data will be transmitted to the contacts on my mobile phone. I also just complain about filling in the data but why did I become a borrower.

Then CS Admin explained to me and offered me an interest-free refund. So I only paid for what I received. His CS party had contacted me on August 7, 2022 at the same time and there. At first I was offered to process the payment directly, but I declined as it was late at night.

On August 8, 2022, he contacted me again to request a payment. He gave me his company’s account number, as well as Nobu bank account number: 608 228 181 3388 a pt pinjaman creditI’m constantly terrified collection agent and CS loans. Finally, I processed the payment according to the amount I received, with a total of IDR 2,124,000.

It turns out that there was an interruption problem during the payment transfer process, due to which my money was deducted, but there was no proof of payment. As if they already knew this was coming, they kept asking for proof of payment. At that time, I immediately took a picture of the ATM that I used when there was a problem of interruption in transfer transactions.

Shortly after, a new Cs admin number appeared with a different number. From what I checked in the app Contact, This is actually his CS admin number. By this admin, I am offered to retransfer one by one with the nominal received from each application long The.

Here I highlight that there was an error or the transaction could not be transferred because the previous admin did not explain how to transfer one by one. Before transferring again, I reported what happened to HelloBCA, so that those who failed to transfer funds would be in my account again.

Timeline of money transfers:

  • First transfer via ATM BCA, IDR 2,124,000, but there was a problem/interference. I checked the transfer, the amount was deducted. He said the money had not been received and said waiting, But every time I talk about it, I come to the conclusion that they got the money but want to extort more from me.
  • Second transfer, re-transfer due to panic, I finally transferred Rp1,001,578.
  • The third transfer was Rp 500,179, but when the third transfer happened, there was another problem. When I asked him, when he checked his account mutation, he said it was registered.

This is where I started to suspect that they were cheating on me and demanding extortion. I’m more suspicious of having too many accounts long DM me on IG. One of them is the excellent IG Dompet app, although I don’t use it. From there, I started to believe that KSP’s friend Dana Sejati was a co-op made up of fraudsters. My old friend was a victim of fraud, who would think I’m a victim now. Following a loan application under the guise of KSP, this included online loans which were all found to be illegal.

Almost every day I ask for my money, which the CS admin promised me, but the answer is always the same, pay the rest of the bill and we’ll refund you. It further shows that my money actually entered the PT Pinjaman credit account. Even though they could deduct the extra money from my transfer, they could deduct my refund from the rest of my bill. But the admin still said that it couldn’t happen for various reasons.

At 11 PM on 11th August 2022, suddenly I was contacted again for the payment and promised again, if I transfer IDR 1,000,000, the money will be refunded. Here I don’t really have any money anymore, because my money was embezzled by the admin. logically which cs admin is at 11pm customer chat Request payment?

In my report, I urge OJK to take strict action against these fraud-based KSPs. Specially apply for Dana NUMPUK loan credit, KSP Mitra Dana Sejati. In the past, people didn’t pay because long, rising again to the level of fraud and extortion. Turns out what’s happening now is that a lot of people are going through the same experience as me. Let’s vote together and report!