Shadow Mountain Sewer Link Awaiting Loan Approval

The town of Cranbrook will move forward with the construction of a sanitary sewer line from Shadow Mountain to the Cranbrook sewer system, following an Insufficient Local Service (LAS) petition process, which ended October 31.

In September, council approved a petition process to be conducted to allow residents of Shadow Mountain to determine whether a new sanitary sewer line should be constructed connecting the development to the City of Cranbrook’s sewage treatment system, per through an LAS settlement.

A temporary on-site sewage holding tank system that requires the storage and trucking of sewage under permit currently serves Shadow Mountain.

A LAS can be initiated either by property owners in the proposed local area or by the local council. In this case, the city is seeking to establish a local utility to provide sewer service to only one segment of the municipality (Shadow Mountain), with all service costs paid by landowners in that area through a tax on the plots. The cost of this project is not borne by the general taxpayer.

On Monday evening, the board received the certificate of sufficiency from the corporate officer indicating that there were not enough petitions received to stop the process. The council, in turn, passed the Shadow Mountain Sanitary Sewer Local Construction Department Establishment By-Law.

Provided the Inspector of Municipalities approves the necessary loan authorization by-law, the city would tender construction of the sanitary sewer works in early 2023, substantial completion of the project before the end of 2023 and the collection of the plot tax starting in the summer of 2024.

Town of Cranbrook